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The best way to get involved in Catalyze SV is to join one of the three Committees that are helping lead our work!


All Committees meet once a month for two hours or less. All Committees are chaired by one or two members of Catalyze SV’s Founding Board of Directors and report back to that Board. Everyone is welcome to join any Committee.

Project Advocacy

Identifies, vets and advocates around, new proposed developments projects. At meetings, we invite developers to present their proposed projects. We score those projects, then we advocate around them. If you like envisioning and advocating for better developments in our Valley, this Committee could be a fantastic fit for you!


The 4th Wednesday of every month
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Location is based on the project we're reviewing this current month. Email us or check Facebook.



Community Engagement

Creates the blueprint for ideal community meetings around new developments and shapes the community engagement process to be more inclusive and collaborative. At meetings, we talk about how Catalyze SV, city government & developers can bring more people to the table to discuss development in a way that's engaging and constructive. If you like thinking creatively about how to involve a diverse array of folks in how neighborhoods develop, this Committee would be superb for you!

The 3rd Thursday of every month
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Catalyze SV's co-working space at UpLevel Works, 3rd floor
at 196​ N. 3rd St, San Jose.



Defining Success

Determines the key outcomes for our group and builds up its organizational capacity and structure. At meetings, we discuss issues such as fundraising, events, and membership. If you like strategizing on big questions about how to form a new group and what it should do to be successful, this Committee would be a stellar fit for you!


Email the Chair if you'd like to join this Committee. 



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