Governments, community groups, businesses & nonprofits can hire Catalyze SV to assist with community engagement. 

We know how hard community engagement can be! 


That's why we host community visioning workshops about development projects - workshops we've designed from scratch - to showcase effective engagement strategies.

That's why we share ideas on enhancing community engagement.

That's why we consult with others regularly engaging the community.


We want a community engagement process that is as inclusive, innovative, engaging & constructive as possible. 


If you're with a government agency, neighborhood association, business or nonprofit organization, you may be able to hire Catalyze SV to assist with your community outreach efforts.**

We offer the following public engagement services:

  • strategy & planning

  • facilitating community meetings

  • broadcasting meetings

  • executing a multi-prong public engagement plan

  • community mapping

  • training on public engagement

  • translation services in Spanish, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language (we can hire through our partners or refer you directly)

If you don't see a service you need listed above, contact us and we'll see if we can help. 


We're also happy to have a free, 30-minute consultation to brainstorm with you and/or offer advice. 


Contact if you'd like to inquire about our services.

** If you're with a business or nonprofit, reach out to us to inquire if you'd be eligible to hire Catalyze SV. To ensure we're a community-centered organization, Catalyze SV does not accept funding from companies or nonprofits benefitting from development. If we can't in fact serve you, we're happy to suggest other options.