Governments, community groups, businesses & nonprofits can hire Catalyze SV to assist with community engagement. 

We know how hard community engagement can be! 


That's why we host community visioning workshops about development projects - workshops we've designed from scratch - to showcase effective engagement strategies.

That's why we share ideas on enhancing community engagement.

That's why we consult with others regularly engaging the community.


We want a community engagement process that is as inclusive, innovative, engaging & constructive as possible. 


If you're with a government agency, neighborhood association, business or nonprofit organization, you may be able to hire Catalyze SV to assist with your community outreach efforts.**

We offer the following public engagement services:

  • strategy & planning

  • facilitating community meetings

  • broadcasting meetings

  • executing a multi-prong public engagement plan

  • community mapping

  • training on public engagement

  • translation services in Spanish, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language (we can hire through our partners or refer you directly)

If you don't see a service you need listed above, contact us and we'll see if we can help. 


We're also happy to have a free, 30-minute consultation to brainstorm with you and/or offer advice. 


Contact if you'd like to inquire about our services.

Testimonials from Clients​

Here's what some of our clients have said about our work:​










It was a pleasure to partner with Catalyze SV in facilitating creative and effective community outreach for one of our most significant city planning projects. Catalyze SV’s expertise in engagement strategies, commitment to inclusive outreach, and willingness to serve our needs were instrumental to the success of our work. The meeting facilitators were thoroughly trained and well prepared to engage our residents and business owners in highly interactive conversations. We received excellent community input for our project, and we highly recommend Catalyze SV to any government agency or nonprofit organization that is looking for a partner to help plan and facilitate their community engagement efforts.” – Ned Thomas, Planning Director, City of Milpitas












"In the Fall of 2020, the City of San Jose engaged Catalyze SV and other partners to host community engagement events about the redevelopment of the area around Diridon Station. Catalyze SV hosted two virtual workshops - one for Vietnamese community members & one for the artist/creative community. Catalyze SV's experience with community engagement on planning and development projects in the South Bay brought valuable relationships, professionalism, and insights to the City's program. Catalyze SV spurred the City and other outreach partners to use clearer, more community-centered communications to meaningfully engage people. Our staff found Catalyze SV to be our the most reliable among community engagement partners in providing complete deliverables on time, participating in coordination meetings, and communicating with staff about planned activities and events." – Kim Walesh, Deputy City Manager, City of San Jose (now retired)

** If you're with a business or nonprofit, reach out to us to inquire if you'd be eligible to hire Catalyze SV. To ensure we're a community-centered organization, Catalyze SV does not accept funding from companies or nonprofits benefitting from development. If we can't in fact serve you, we're happy to suggest other options.

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