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October 9, 2020: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Parking limits, new freeway interchange eyed for Market Park project in North San Jose"

Alex Shoor, executive director of Catalyze SV, a nonprofit that advocates for community engagement in development, said in a Wednesday email that if those spaces are primarily in new above-ground parking garages, policy organizations TransForm & SPUR estimate that they could cost the developer over a half-billion dollars to build. Catalyze SV co-authored a letter dated July 13 outlining 12 organizations' priorities for the development of the South Village, one of which was fewer parking spaces.

"Imagine how many more homes, jobs or other community benefits we could have if the developer greatly reduced the number of parking spaces," Shoor said. "Do we really want to build parking for nearly 11,000 new cars? Next to a new BART station? Next to a bike path & trail? Next to a major VTA bus depot? We can do better." 


August 25, 2020: San Jose Spotlight, "Update: San Jose Advances High-tech Ideas to Connect Transportation Hubs"


July 31, 2020: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Home on the Farm - Kind of"

Vartan is also the co-founder of Catalyze SV, a nonprofit that advocates for community engagement in development. 


July 23, 2020: San Jose Spotlight, "San Jose Takes Pride in its Diversity but has no In-house Translators"


July 15, 2020: San Jose Spotlight, "Santa Clara Extends Agreement for Student and Workforce Housing Project"


July 14, 2020: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "More Housing, Less Parking, Please: A Dozen Organizations Call for Changes to San Jose's Largest Under-construction Project"

Alex Shoor, executive director at Catalyze SV, a nonprofit that advocates for community engagement in development, said in a Tuesday email that one reason Catalyze SV chose to co-author the letter at this time is that "we want to give the developer plenty of advance notice on our positions & plenty of time to initiate redesigns." 


"When an array of local organizations ... come together and speak with one voice, that's a powerful message on what needs to be built," Shoor said. "We've got to be more forward-thinking than we've been in the past on development in Silicon Valley if we are going to thrive in the years ahead." 


June 26, 2020: San Jose Inside/Metro, "Catalyze SV Celebrates San Jose’s Approval of Meridian Project"


June 25, 2020: The Mercury News, "400-square-foot ‘Micro apartments’ Coming to Downtown San Jose near Google Village"


June 23, 2020: San Jose Inside/Metro, "San Jose Poised to OK 226-Unit Mixed-Use Meridian Project"


June 18, 2020: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Boomtown Berryessa"


June 16, 2020: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Crane Watch: San Jose's Largest Under-Construction Project Gets an Update"

Some in the community, such as Alex Shoor, executive director at Catalyze SV, a nonprofit that advocates for community engagement in development, said they believe Market Park's southern half, dubbed the "South Village," can support a greater number of homes — up to 3,450 units — and more office space — up to 3.4 million square feet — than what's currently proposed.


One of the ways it could do so is by reducing the number of proposed parking spaces, Shoor said; between 7,960 and 14,250 spaces would be located in the South Village if its current plan is approved. "We don’t need endless cars parking, we need tons of people walking," he said. "Since most of the proposed parking spaces would be in parking garages, it’s important to think about how much money would be spent building parking spots instead of community benefits we can all enjoy."


June 9, 2020: San Jose Inside/Metro, "Op-Ed: Throughout the Pandemic, Government Can Still—and Better—Engage with Community"

June 4, 2020: Valley Politics on CreaTV San Jose, "San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo; Guest Questions; Remembering Bob Kieve" [our Executive Director Alex Shoor asks the Mayor a question at the 23-minute mark]


April 29, 2020: San Jose Spotlight, "San Jose Council Approves Big Affordable Housing Project in Willow Glen"

February 28, 2020: San Jose Spotlight, "Plans for San Jose’s El Paseo de Saratoga shift as residents weigh in"


February 12, 2020: The Mercury News, "365-unit affordable housing project to be built near San Jose’s Diridon Station"


January 22, 2020: San Jose Inside/Metro, "Catalyze SV Fights NIMBY Backlash by Forging Alliances Between Residents, Developers"


January 10, 2020: The Mercury News, "San Jose housing development planned near downtown includes no affordable units, limited parking"


December 12, 2019: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Destination: Santa Clara"

July 25, 2019: San Jose Inside/Metro, "Catalyze SV Hires Alex Shoor as Its First-Ever Executive Director

July 23, 2019: The Mercury News: "Catalyze SV Continues Growth"

July 9, 2019: San Jose Spotlight, "San Jose: Green Party candidate to challenge Councilwoman Dev Davis"

June 19, 2019: National Public Radio, "Google Pledges $1 Billion For Affordable Housing

June 18, 2019: KQED, "Google Pledges $1 Billion to Help Fight Bay Area Housing Crisis It Helped Create"


June 7, 2019: CityLab, "The Largest Co-Housing Building in the World Is Coming to San Jose"


April 21, 2019: San Jose Spotlight, "San Jose leaders to mull improving public outreach on development"

April 8, 2019: San Jose Spotlight, "Providing food and child care: Ideas to boost civic engagement in San Jose

April 2, 2019: CityLab, "How the Country’s Hottest Rental Market Is Trying to Cool Down"


January 31, 2019: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Santa Clara approves 361-home development centered around urban farm"


January 30, 2019: San Jose Spotlight, "Santa Clara approves first-of-its-kind housing with urban farm"


January 30, 2019: The Mercury News, "Housing with a side of veggies: Unique development approved in Santa Clara


November 7, 2018: The Mercury News, "Nearly 700 homes eyed near San Jose's Winchester Mystery House"


July 11, 2018: San Jose Inside, "CEQA Racket Extracts 11th Hour Payoffs Amidst Housing Crisis"


June 12, 2018: Palo Alto Daily Post, "50-Story Building Proposed in South Bay"


May 29, 2018: Diablo Magazine, "Generation Exodus"


May 3, 2018: Bay Area News Group, "Stripe gives $1 million to pro-development YIMBY group tackling Bay Area housing shortage"


January 26, 2018: Silicon Valley Business Journal, "Exclusive: Chinese developer to start studying 10.5 million-square-foot project for old Yahoo site

"Kirk Vartan, co-founder at advocacy group Catalyze SV, on Tuesday asked city officials to move the proposal forward. Catalyze [SV] is a fairly new group aiming to connect city leaders, developers and the community early in the planning process for projects in Silicon Valley. The group says it would like to work with Kylli, the city and the community to plan for green building and design practices, local retailers and transportation options. 'I’m just amazed that this is happening here, Vartan said. 'This is an incredible opportunity that is being put in front of you'.”


December 21, 2017: San Jose Inside/Metro, "Knight Foundation Awards More than $1 Million in Grants to 11 Organizations in San Jose"

November 12, 2017: Bay Area News Group, "‘Homes for human beings’: Millennial-driven anti-NIMBY movement is winning with a simple message"


October 2017: Valley Politics, Episode #34.



September 20, 2017: Mercury News, "San Jose’s Stockton Avenue urban village gets neighbors’ nod"


June 14, 2017: Presentation at SPUR, "The YIMBYs Next Door"

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