This project review scorecard provides guidelines for consistently evaluating how a proposed development aligns with Catalyze SV’s values. Catalyze SV’s values are:


  • Inclusive, Diverse Communities

  • Healthy, Sustainable Development

  • Convenient Transportation Choices

  • Housing Solutions for All

  • Vibrant Places for People

  • Equitable Community Engagement


Grading Criteria - Merits

  1. Community: The applicant is making significant efforts to reach out to the community and has addressed recommendations collected through community engagement.

  2. Affordability: The proposal considers protections or relocation benefits for existing residential and/or commercial tenants that may be displaced. It goes beyond current government requirements for onsite below market-rate homes, stabilized commercial leases or appropriate substitutes.

  3. Transportation: The project recognizes the growing importance of a variety of mobility solutions, incentivizes reduced automobile usage and measures mobility after the project is built and occupied. Transportation Demand Management plans are encouraged.

  4. Legacy (when applicable): The project undertakes efforts to incorporate, protect, or preserve any objects of significant cultural or historic merit identified by the community on or near the site.

  5. Intensity/Zoning: The project utilizes nearly the full density allowed under its zoning and general plan designations.

  6. Sustainability: The project incorporates measurable green building features beyond what is government-required. CalGreen Tier 1 or 2 measures and/or third-party certifications (LEED, Well, Living Building Challenge, etc) are encouraged. Some features can be found here: https://www.catalyzesv.org/sustainable-features.

  7. Vibrancy: The proposal seizes locational opportunities and includes features to enhance the human experience of the site and neighborhood.


Grading Scale - Merits

An average score of 3.5 is required for Catalyze SV to consider advocating full support for a project.


1 = Fails to meet project review criteria

2 = Meets some project review criteria

3 = Meets basic project review criteria

4 = Exceeds project review criteria

5 = Goes far beyond project review criteria

N/A = Category does not apply



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